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Benefits of Smiling

Benefits of Smiling

 Smiling is a form of communication recognized world wide, regardless of any language or cultural barriers that may be in place. The process of smiling can require anywhere from five to 53 different facial muscles and the expression can be formed at birth. Regardless of if a grin is real or being forced for a camera, 99.7 percent of all adults think a grin is an important personal asset and other studies have found the behavior to indicate lifespan, improve happiness levels, relieve stress and aid in career advancement.

The act of making a gleeful expression courtesy of facial muscle contraction happens daily to both men and women and for good reason. The act is easier to do than frowning and will force the release of the feel-good hormones called endorphins. Unfortunately, dental problems such as tooth discoloration, missing teeth and poor dental health can prevent a person from partaking in the act and limit all the health benefits associated with the action.

Smile and Live Longer

Baseball is a favorite American pastime loved both by spectators and players of the game. For the latter, some of the tops stars earn millions of dollars for their efforts. That spare cash may be able to rent happiness and can increase the lifespan of the earners, only if they back those resources with smiling.

A study conducted by Wayne State University analyzed photographs in the Baseball Registry for players who started their careers before 1950. The images of 230 players were enlarged and reviewed and their smiles were categorized as either big, partial or none. Those who showed more teeth with a broad smile lived nearly seven years longer than their straight-faced counterparts. The results found that big smilers lived to be an average of 79.9 years old, partial grinners lived to around 75 and non-smiling folks made it to about 72.9 years old (

Smile for Beauty

The fact is, attractive people have social advantages over their less-pretty counterparts. Science has proven that good-looking folks have an easier time finding work, getting paid more and generally invoking more positive responses from society at large. Individuals looking for an affordable way to improve their looks can start by making healthier food choices, moving more and smiling.

Several studies have shown that a smile filled with healthy looking teeth can make an individual instantly more attractive. Once such research has come from Scotland’s University of Aberdeen. Research participants were asked to pick out images of attractive individuals and those who were photographed smiling ruled the roost.

Additionally, a survey conducted by Orbit gum backs of that research. According to results of the study, 69 percent of participants agreed that women look both younger and more attractive when they smile as opposed to wearing makeup.

Smile and Relax

Daily millions of Americans try to manage their stress. Those who are unsuccessful with the task may improve declines in general well-being and dental health as that feeling of pressure can cause dental problems including teeth-clenching, dry mouth, burning mouth syndrome, Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ or TMD) and gum disease. Smiling can naturally lower stress levels and lessen the chances of dental problems from occurring. Those enduring stress may find that they have to force the expression. If that is the case the adage “fake it until you make it” will kick in gear and the false grin can have real results.

Regardless of if a smile is real or fake, the process will instantaneously release endorphins, a feel-good, opioid peptide. Once the chemicals hit the blood stream individuals will start to feel better and tension will melt away.

Individuals looking to take important steps towards smiling more may want to consider improving their confidence levels. Oral hygiene is just part of that equation and exercising, eating a healthy diet, brushing, flossing and regular dentist visits complete the formula. At home, individuals who take the proper steps to lower their levels of dental plaque can reduce their odds of developing tooth decay, gum disease and other conditions that may make smiling embarrassing. Those efforts backed by professional dental care can help control dental disease and help keep a smile intact.

Individuals who have experienced a decline in dental health that prohibit them from smiling can count on a dentist to help reverse the trend. The process will first involve dentistry to restore oral health and once that condition has been stabilized, cosmetic dentistry can be utilized to create a grin worthy of being displayed. Individuals looking to find a dentist to improve their smile simply need to call 0900-DENTIST.