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Wat is een Implantaat ?

An implant resembles a titanium screw and can be compared to an artificial root, which can be placed in the location of the root of the tooth or molar that has been lost in your mouth. This titanium is highly biocompatible, meaning the body does not reject it, allowing bone to grow directly against it. This process is called osseointegration. The surface of many implants is made rougher, which accelerates bone growth around the implant and ensures that it will be more securely anchored in the bone after healing.

Het Belang van Implantaten in TandheelkundeImplants are artificial roots made of titanium. A crown, bridge, or denture can be placed on them. An implant serves as a replacement for the natural root that is anchored in the jawbone and holds your teeth and molars in place.

A denture leads to bone resorption. When your teeth or molars are broken or even completely missing, they can be replaced by a crown or denture. To place a crown or even a complete denture, an implant is the best solution. If a root is damaged by the broken tooth or molar, your jawbone may shrink over the years. This will drastically change your facial appearance.

Preservation of your jawline Through years of practical experience, supported by clinical research, it has been shown that titanium artificial roots are well accepted by the bone and will essentially become one with the jawbone through bone growth. As a result, your jaw will shrink less, and the shape of your face will not change. You will retain your jawline and thus your appearance.

Implants feel natural: With implants, your teeth and molars feel natural and retain the strength and resilience they've always had. Implants help you continue with confidence in your daily life.


When is a dental implant used? If you are missing one or even all of your teeth and want to be able to speak, laugh, and eat what you like without hindrance, then implants are the solution for you. An implant is an artificial root that is placed in the upper or lower jaw. The placement of an implant is a simple procedure under local anesthesia.

Accidents during sports, at home, or at work: Due to our busy and active lifestyles, risks are becoming greater. Sports are healthy, fun, challenging, and sociable. However, they sometimes also come with risks; the golf swing that goes a bit too far, the hockey ball, the elbow in football or squash. Additionally, a large portion of accidents occur in and around the home. An accident can happen in the blink of an eye but can sometimes have far-reaching consequences.

You are missing teeth due to natural wear and tear. Teeth and molars wear down through daily use. That's why older people usually have one or more missing teeth and molars. And everyone wants a complete set of teeth, right?


Een perfect gebit is belangrijk voor zelfvertrouwen, maar onvolkomenheden kunnen ongemak, ontevredenheid en onzekerheid veroorzaken. Esthetische redenen kunnen leiden tot het kiezen van een implantaat. U kunt kiezen uit het vervangen van één tand, meerdere tanden of het hele gebit. Traditionele oplossingen zijn kroonplaatsing op beslepen tanden of een brug op beslepen tanden. Implantaten bieden een moderne oplossing, waarop kronen, bruggen of een kunstgebit worden geplaatst. Traditionele opties zoals bruggen en frames hebben nadelen en beschadigen natuurlijke tanden. 

Implantaten lossen specifieke problemen op zonder gezonde wortels te vervangen. Implantaten zijn geschikt voor iedereen, ongeacht leeftijd. Ze worden steeds vaker gebruikt bij sportblessures, normale slijtage op middelbare leeftijd en bij senioren met een kunstgebit. Het uiterlijk van het gebit kan worden verbeterd met facings of kronen op implantaten. De kwaliteit van implantaten is sterk verbeterd en titaniumimplantaten zorgen voor een optimale opname in het kaakbot. Het instrumentarium is geavanceerd en hygiënisch. Raadpleeg een tandarts-implantoloog in de buurt voor professionele behandeling met implantaten.

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